Leading with Confidence

Whenever I interact with someone, the first thing I look for in the other person is how confident they are, especially if this is a person who I will be working with.  If they don’t seem to be confident in their knowledge and abilities, then it will take them a lot more convincing before I could trust them as a credible source.  Confidence is an essential trait for effective leaders, since you, as the leader, are in charge of the people working under you.  You might have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don’t seem confidence in yourself, other people won’t be able to take you seriously.  Below are some easy ways to show some confidence:


Your spoken words.

If you have relevant and important information in your head, it is important to be able to communicate it in a way that exudes confidence.  Think about how you come across to others when you try to explain something to them.  Do you use a lot of “uh’s” and “um’s”?  If so, try to cut back on them, if not get rid of them completely.  Frequent usage of these terms can show others that you might be a little bit hesitant in presenting the information to them, even though you know what you are doing.  It doesn’t hurt to take a couple extra seconds to think carefully about what you are going to say and how you will say it.

Your body language.

Whether you know it or not, your body language can tell a lot about how confident you are.  Pay attention to your posture when you interact with people.  How are you standing?  Are you fidgeting or moving around a lot?  Keeping your back straight will not only make you look confident to the other person, but you will also feel the difference.  When you move around and fidget a lot, it’s not only distracting to the other person, but it also gives off a vibe that you are lacking confidence.  Make sure to keep the back straight and AVOID fidgeting next time.

Your ability to keep calm.

Make sure that you keep calm, especially when you are being confronted in one way or another.  When we lose our calm, we tend to lose control of our thought process.  As a result, we might say something that we didn’t mean.  This is probably the hardest task to do, as it is easy for us to “accident-proof” everything by covering our bases.  Focus on your own thoughts and the conversation at hand and take a deep breath.  Make sure to ask hard questions, but avoid accusations.

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