The Importance of Leading by Example

A main part of a leader’s job is to be able to engage their personnel in order to better fulfill organizational goals and vision.  Instead of just talking the talk, leaders also need to show that they can also walk the walk.  Below are just some of the positive results from leading by example:

lead by example

You gain more respect and trust from your personnel.

When you lead by example, it shows others in your organization that you are also capable of walking the walk.  You establish yourself as a credible leader when others can see exactly what you are doing and understand why you are the leader of the organization.  You also build trust from your personnel when they see that you can do more than just give instructions.  Instead of leading by saying, try leading by doing.


Your people will become more engaged.

By setting the example for others to follow, you solidify your role as someone that others look up to.  This will increase your personnel’s engagement and commitment to the organization, as they can see how hard you are working in doing your part to achieve the organizational vision.  If you are working with someone you look up to, and you see how much commitment they are putting into their work, wouldn’t you try to do the same?


It creates overall organizational cohesiveness.

If you are someone in the organization that others look up to, they will show more commitment to the organization since you set the example.  This will eventually result in more team cohesiveness and a more concerted effort from everyone to achieve organizational goals.  When this happens, more people will get rid of the “me” mentality and adopt the “we” mentality, which creates a more productive environment.


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