Organization First, Friends Second

workplace friends

When you work together with people in your organization, it’s inevitable that you’ll make some friends along the way.  Although it is great to have friends in the organization, it can sometimes get in the way of making important judgment calls.  As leaders, this is especially challenging since they are the people who make decisions that affect everyone.  If that’s the case, then is it even possible to have friends in the organization?  Or is it better off to just forget about friendships?

As a supervisor, I have to oversee employees that I am also friends with outside of work.  Unfortunately, there are times where I’ve had to write up my friends for various reasons.  As a friend, it was clearly a hard decision to make, as I don’t want to see my friends get in trouble.  However, as a supervisor, a leader, and an employee, I had a duty to the organization to be fair and ethical in my actions.  As such, I reminded my friends while I did not want to write them up, the fact is we were at work, and the organization comes before our friendship when we are at work.

Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with having friends in the organization, as long as you make it perfectly clear that the overall goals and objectives of the organization comes before any friendships that are formed.  What this means is that as a leader, you should never let your friends influence your decision-making process.  While this can be a tough balancing act, you should realize that your primary duty, as a leader, is to the organization.  If your friends cannot accept that, then they are probably not meant to be your friends.


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