Making Decisions with the Organization in Mind


As leaders, we have the power to make an impact in the organization with our decisions, as every decision we make will affect people in one way or another.  In order to make sure we make the best decisions, we have to think carefully about what’s at stake and not be easily influenced by others in our decision making process.

People tend to be individualistic in the way they perceive situations, but it’s important for leaders to think and act in the interest of the collective group.  I think the most unfortunate part of being a leader is the constant exposure to organizational politics, as some people will try to influence your opinions and get you to act in their best interests, instead of everyone’s.  It’s important that leaders are not easily swayed by others, as their decisions not only affect other people, but also shape their character.

I’ve seen situations where leaders have been easily influenced by others, which caused them to make detrimental decisions to the organization.  It’s okay to hear other people’s opinions in order to make well-informed decisions, but it’s also imperative to understand why people have certain opinions and suggestions.  Do those suggestions benefit the organization as a whole?  Has that person made positive contributions to the organizations before?  These are some of the questions to keep in mind when listening to other people’s ideas.

Unfortunately, many leaders become too invested in their relationship with people in the organization, to the point where they let those people’s opinions blur their purpose as a leader and affect their ability to make decisions effectively.  While it’s not a bad thing to create friendships in the organization, it’s important for leaders to remember that their responsibility is to the organization and everyone who is involved in it.  Remember, the decisions we make as leaders also define us as people, so if our goal as a leader is to act in the benefit of the collective organization, our decisions need to show that.

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