Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lead


You are only doing it for the title.

I’m sure a lot of people would like to be a “president” or a “CEO”, but that’s not enough of a reason to give them those positions.  Yes, the title is prestigious, but along with that are lots of responsibilities and sacrifices.  With every action, leaders must keep the organization at the forefront of their thoughts.  The title is simply the byproduct of assuming bigger responsibilities and making sacrifices.

You can’t handle constructive criticism.

Leaders must be able to accept being under constant scrutiny by others within the organization.  Not everyone is going to agree with what you say or do, but it’s important to understand why they don’t see eye-to-eye with you on certain things.  You are not expected to be perfect, but you are expected to allow others to point out potential mistakes so you can learn from them.

You are easily influenced by others.

It’s okay to consider other people’s opinions on certain courses of action, but you shouldn’t let them completely dictate your decision-making.  As a leader, your job is to be firm in your decision-making and stand by your choices.  You can weigh in other people’s opinions, but make sure you can draw the line somewhere so you don’t let others control your actions completely.

You’re not willing to make sacrifices.

A leader’s job doesn’t start at 8:00am and end at 5:00pm.  You are expected to be a leader 24/7, meaning that you must be willing to accept that and make the necessary sacrifices for organizational success.  You will have to sacrifice a lot of your time and freedom in order to be successful as a leader.  If you have the passion to be a leader, these sacrifices shouldn’t be too much for you.

You are happy with the status quo.

Leaders should be chosen because people believe in their vision and that they will act in the betterment of the organization.  They must be willing to make the necessary changes in order to achieve this vision.  I believe the most detrimental element to any organization is the unwillingness to change.  Competitive organizations should have proactive leaders who advocate change.

You want to be everyone’s friend.

As I’ve mentioned above, leaders will face a great deal of scrutiny.  They must realize that there will be people who disagree with them regardless of what they do.  The leader’s job is to drive organizational success.  Not everyone in the organization will like who you are and what you do, and that’s something you just have to accept.  A good leader’s priorities should be organization first, and friends second.

You don’t like to make the tough decisions.

If you’ve ever watched Spider-Man, I’m sure you are familiar with the quote “with great power come great responsibilities.”  As a leader, your decisions will affect many people in the organization.  A lot of them won’t be easy decisions, but you are ultimately expected to make that decision.  If that’s something you’re uncomfortable with, then you might not want to be a leader.


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