Mentoring Employees: An Investment for the Future

Having been involved in various clubs and organizations on campus throughout my college career, I have seen situations where people were unwilling to step up and take leadership roles.  I don’t necessarily think it’s fair to blame them for not wanting to step up, because the reason might be that they were simply not ready to step up.  There were over 40 members in that organization, so how is it that not a single person was willing to step up?

I believe the issue in these situations came from lack of mentorship.  As managers in our organizations, we already have plenty of stuff on our plates, whether it be answering phone calls/emails/text messages, being in and out of meetings, and everything else in between.  Sometimes, we just get too caught up in today’s activities that we just don’t think about what’s going to happen in the long term.

In order to be effective leaders, managers understand their duty to motivate and inspire their employees.  Managers also have a role as mentors to their employees.  Mentorship is based on the willingness of both parties to learn and teach.  Think for a minute about the person who inspired and coached you.  They saw that you had the potential to make a difference within your organization and they invested their time and effort in you so that you can develop to your full potential.  Although it might be a challenge to make the time for your employees, but a small investment can go a long way.


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